Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our trip to KC

Mommy, Daddy, Thomas and I packed up the car and we were headed to KC, MO for a couple of days while mommy attending a nursing symposium. Daddy was left to tend to me and Thomas for the day and a half while we were there. Besides getting lost trying to find mommy in Crown Center, we had a great time and I got to meet Daddy's friend, Jim. The trip wasn't so fun...have you tried sitting in a carseat for 5 hours?? We did stop at Wendy's in Columbia for a little break on the way there and at Hardee's on the way back. I would have much rather been with mommy though. But those silly laws say that I have to stay in the carseat. BLAH!
Instead of posting all the pictures separately, I made a slideshow. Hope you enjoy!

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