Sunday, June 1, 2008

My first Easter

Easter weekend:
Nana spent the night and then we headed off to church in the morning. After church, we met up with grandma at the Wildflower Cafe in the CWE for some YUMMY food. After brunch, we were going to head to Forest Park for some pictures but it was SNOWING!! So we headed home instead to see what the Easter Bunny dropped off. After looking at our awesome baskets, the goal was for everyone to take a nap, however I think the only person who took a nap was Nana! After our lack of nap, mommy piled Thomas and I into her car and headed up to her Aunt Donna's house where we had more yummy food. Thomas and I of course fell asleep in the car seconds after getting on the highway and slept the entire way to her house. Mommy wishes the same was true for the way home, but I wanted nothing to do with sleep. I cried for about 4 miles although mommy says it felt like 400miles! Sorry mommy, I wanted to look outside and I couldn't see in the dark.

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