Sunday, June 1, 2008

Remember Me?

No mommy hasn't forgotten about me...she's just been so busy with work and school! She finally has a week off before she starts clinicals so maybe she will finally be able to catch up on my blog. I'm such a big girl now. (Just so everyone knows, mommy is planning on posting at least 10 entries this week so be prepared. They will be going all the way back to March so you might have to scroll down a bit to see the ones from then) I hope you enjoy catching up on my life and as always please leave me comments. I love seeing who all reads my blog and where they are located!


So alike....

YET so different!

Clare at 9m Thomas at 6m

Please pray...

I would like to introduce Robert Michael C ** . Robbie was born at 26 weeks and 2 days gestation. He has a long road ahead of him and he, his mommy, Trish,and daddy David need lots and lots of prayers. (Trish is a good friend of mommy's. When Trish was pregnant for the very first time, her and mommy had the same due date. Unfortunately Trish miscarried. I am here though and Trish is my 'special' mommy.)

Here's the shortened version of his story. Trish had been having really bad heartburn for the last couple days but no other real problems. She bought a BP cuff...just because and got some high blood pressures at home but just thought it was because it was the wrong size cuff. Another friend encouraged her to call her OB which she did on Thursday. They had her come in and her blood pressure was 164/114 and she was spilling protein. She earned herself immediate admittance to the hospital. They attempted to keep her pregnant for at least 48 hours in order for the steroids for lung maturity to maximize. She made it 45 hours before she got an awful headache, blurred vision, stomach pains and increased swelling. Delivery was imminent. She delivered Saturday May 31st at 11:22 am. Robbie weighs a whopping 1 pound 7 ounces. Mommy Trish and Robbie are doing well now. As Trish said today when mommy went to visit, it's been an uneventful 24 hours and that is exactly what they need. You can read more of Trish's story on her blog. I linked it above. Please pray for Robbie, Trish and David. They will have a lot of ups and downs.

We love you guys!

7, 8, 9...

Months that is! Can you believe that I am almost 10months old? Don't remind mommy as she can't believe I'm growing up so fast! Highlights from the last 3 months:

  • Drinking only from a cup (no bottles for me)
  • Eating real people food with only occasional baby food mixed in (I LOVE grilled cheese sandwiches, goldfish crackers, graham crackers, chez-its, waffles, pancakes and crackers)
  • I have 2 teeth--both on the bottom. Teething was NOT fun!
  • I am crawling and pulling up on everything that I possibly can
  • I'm sleeping through the night (although this is really not new, I just wanted to share, ok...brag)
  • I'm saying mama and dada and at times it sounds like I am saying Hi there, All done and Yeah
  • Having tea parties with all my stuffed animals when I am suppose to be napping in my crib
  • Sitting in a big girl car seat instead of the carrier
  • Giving kisses
  • Playing Thomas' piano much to his annoyance
7month pictures

8 month pictures

9 month pictures

9 month stats from visiting Dr. R

No shots because I had a viral rash

Weight: 16 pounds 10oz (can we all say petite???)

Length: 28 1/2 inches

Purina Farms

It was quite a drive but so much fun to head out to Grey Summit, MO and visit Purina Farms. We saw a dog show, cows, bunnies, piglets, goats, kittens, dogs and horses. I'm sure that there are even more animals that I am forgetting! After seeing all the animals, we had a picnic in the car! It was a tight fit but we all sat up front and ate our lunch. I hope we get to go back!

Suson Farms

Daddy happened to be off on Friday so we met up with my godfather Chris at Suson Park and Animal Farm. Thomas enjoyed the animals much more then me, but I had fun hanging out with mommy and Chris and listening to them talk nursing. I did get to see the cows, horses, sheep and goats. I even tried feeding a goat but it didn't quite work.

Mommy and ME

Feeding the goats...

Mommy, Me and Chris

Meeting Adeline

If you remember from a while back, mommy and daddy's friends Sara and Jake had a little girl in November. We have never met her because they live all the way in the middle of the Kansas, but they came to St. Louis in April for Call Day at the Sem and they stopped by for a visit. I had never met Sara or Jake since they left for Kansas weeks before I was born. I can't wait until they move back here in July/August because I think Adeline and I could become fast friends! (even though she is bigger then me!)

You mean I'm suppose to play with her??? Posing for the camera is so much fun though

Trip to the Zoo with Grandma, Marc and Cheryl

On one of the beautiful days in May, grandma came over and mommy, grandma, Thomas and I went to the zoo and met up with Marc and Cheryl. Even though it ended up pouring for a bit, we still had fun. We rode on the Conservation Carousel and of course we had to ride on the train. We made it almost everywhere we wanted to go EXCEPT to see Dinoroarus. Oh well…we’ll just have to go back! Darn

Mommy and me on the Carousel

Thomas and Marc

My first Easter

Easter weekend:
Nana spent the night and then we headed off to church in the morning. After church, we met up with grandma at the Wildflower Cafe in the CWE for some YUMMY food. After brunch, we were going to head to Forest Park for some pictures but it was SNOWING!! So we headed home instead to see what the Easter Bunny dropped off. After looking at our awesome baskets, the goal was for everyone to take a nap, however I think the only person who took a nap was Nana! After our lack of nap, mommy piled Thomas and I into her car and headed up to her Aunt Donna's house where we had more yummy food. Thomas and I of course fell asleep in the car seconds after getting on the highway and slept the entire way to her house. Mommy wishes the same was true for the way home, but I wanted nothing to do with sleep. I cried for about 4 miles although mommy says it felt like 400miles! Sorry mommy, I wanted to look outside and I couldn't see in the dark.

My Easter Bunny Visit at SLU

When mommy heard that her alma mater was having an Easter Egg hunt, she knew she had to take me and Thomas. What she wasn't counting on was the extremely COLD weather. Oh well, I may not have gotten to hunt for eggs, but I did get to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap. I wasn't too thrilled at first but once I realized that mommy wasn't leaving, things were MUCH BETTER!

St. Patrick's Day

If you know my mom, you know that she dressed up Thomas for his first St. Patrick's Day with a leprechaun hat and since she didn't want me to feel left out...
Here's some other pictures as well....

Our trip to KC

Mommy, Daddy, Thomas and I packed up the car and we were headed to KC, MO for a couple of days while mommy attending a nursing symposium. Daddy was left to tend to me and Thomas for the day and a half while we were there. Besides getting lost trying to find mommy in Crown Center, we had a great time and I got to meet Daddy's friend, Jim. The trip wasn't so fun...have you tried sitting in a carseat for 5 hours?? We did stop at Wendy's in Columbia for a little break on the way there and at Hardee's on the way back. I would have much rather been with mommy though. But those silly laws say that I have to stay in the carseat. BLAH!
Instead of posting all the pictures separately, I made a slideshow. Hope you enjoy!