Sunday, August 26, 2007

I told you that there would be more...

To see more of the pictures that Alisha took of mommy,daddy, Thomas and me, go to, register with your name, email address and password of your choice. Then search for Clare Bugala . To view the images enter "314533" when prompted for the Event Key. Enjoy!

Let me know if you have any problems accessing the images.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Check out THESE pictures!

Mommy had her friend, Alisha (who just happens to be an amazing photographer) come over yesterday to take some pictures of me with mommy, daddy and Thomas.

Alisha photographed mommy and daddy's wedding 3 years ago and has taken pictures of Thomas,so it was my turn now. There are more to come for sure, but here is just a sampling:

You can see more of Alisha Clark's work by clicking on the link to the right.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

You know it was just a matter of time...

On Tuesday, mommy, daddy, Thomas and I took our first trip to the....LIBRARY! I got to meet all of daddy's friends there. Everyone came out to see me and Thomas. Even though I slept the majority of the time,I can't wait to go again. Thomas told me going to the library is lots of fun and that everyone showers him with attention! Maybe next time we go I will be awake and can see everyone!

Monday, August 20, 2007


If you are reading this, could you please take a minute and let me know...Just click on the comment link you see. I would love to know who reads about me and where you live.

ewwww....boy germs

Yes my brother LOVES to give me kisses!


Sleeping and AWAKE


Daddy and me

Thomas giving me a of many!

Mommy's self portrait of us

Thomas, me and Grandma B

Great grandma and me

Friday, August 17, 2007

Quick update.....

We are finally HOME! We were discharged from the hospital Monday around noon but when we arrived home, we soon realized that our A/C was completely OUT. The coolest room in the house was Clare's room, but once you put 4 people in there it really isn't that cool anymore. We called our favorite repairman, and once he came out he tried fixing it, but essentially took the wait and see approach. Considering it was 89 in the house and 100 plus outside, we didn't last long. We packed everything up, and headed to Grandma's B house. We ended up spending the night there. I got little sleep since Clare was sleeping in her carseat and I was worried about her all night, plus she decided to go on a one day nursing strike and not wake up to eat. Nothing like adding to the stress! We came home Tuesday morning where it was relatively cool but definitely NOT what it should have been. We stuck it out until 6 AFTER 2 repairmen came and we had to make the decision to purchase a brand new a/c furnace system. Just what we wanted to do! UGH! We went back to Grandma B's that night. We ended up being there all day Wednesday as well, but at least Tuesday night I had a bassinet courtesy of Aunt Lisa and Uncle Tim for Clare to sleep in. She only woke up twice through the night. Heavenly I tell you!

Wednesday we made it home to a nice cool house and it is wonderful! I never thought sleeping in my own bed could be so wonderful. Clare is eating around midnight, waking at 3 or 4 for a feeding and then again around 7. She cluster feeds most of the day eating every 2 hours for 30m or so, but it is wonderful!

We both were at the doctors yesterday. She is still at her discharge weight so I was thrilled by that and she lost her umbilical cord while we were there. Our pediatrician is very happy with her and we go back in a month for her first set of shots. I was at my OB to get my staples out and my incision looks great! I go back next week for an incision check.

I promise to post more pictures soon..once we get them all downloaded and I have a minute.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hospital Pictures....

To see Clare's official hospital pictures, please go here.

Also please feel free to leave a comment. We plan on printing out the comments and adding them to Clare's baby book.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Clare Elyse Bugala is here!

Clare decided to make her grand appearance at 4:31 pm on Thursday August 9,2007. She is 8 pounds 1 oz and 21 3/4 inches long. She was born via repeat c/s and both mom and baby are doing great.

Not the best pictures, but you can see her eyes. :)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Could today be the day??

Thursday update: We are headed to the hospital! My blood pressure was elevated, I was spilling protein and my swelling has increased. My OB is sending me to have blood work drawn but it looks like Clare will be making her appearance later today. Please keep all of us in your prayers....and we will post updates as we have them.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Look at what mommy made for me!!

My really not so crafty mommy made these for me the last couple days. Won't they look great with spit up on them?? (Yes they are all burp cloths except for the cross that is going to hang in my room...right side up)

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Since it has been 2 weeks since I updated everyone and I had a doctor's appointment today, here's your Clare update.

Everything still looks good. My blood pressure was up a little bit today (140/92) but as we learned last time around, my BP tends to go up at the end. Plus, today's appt was a little harried for us. Thomas was napping, and so I left Steve at home with him and Steve was going to bring him up to meet me in the doctor's office when he woke up. Steve had to be at work at 12:45 and I was worried that Thomas was not going to wake up in time for Steve to make it to work in time. Everything turned out fine and Steve had plenty of time to get to work.

I still have the classic feet swelling, but since I have had it this long (over 8 wks now), it's really nothing shocking.

Warning:TMI to follow...
I spotted last week, but didn't see any reason to call my OB. (afterall, I'm a L&D nurse..I know what's concerning) When I told her today, she wasn't worried...She is pretty sure I just overdid it.

I was tested for GBS as well today and had my first and last cervical exam of the pregnancy. I quote, "NOTHING is coming out down here"

18 days to for another update next Thursday!

Oh and for anyone who believes the are the predicted high temps for the next 5 days. (can you help me pray for cooler weather?? Thanks!) Friday-95 Saturday-95 Sunday-95 Monday-98 Tuesday-98---and I can't forget the classic line-HOT AND HUMID.

That's all from a very HOT Rebecca.

Congratulations are in order...

Congratulations to the Bueter family who are happily expecting TWINS in January!