Thursday, August 2, 2007


Since it has been 2 weeks since I updated everyone and I had a doctor's appointment today, here's your Clare update.

Everything still looks good. My blood pressure was up a little bit today (140/92) but as we learned last time around, my BP tends to go up at the end. Plus, today's appt was a little harried for us. Thomas was napping, and so I left Steve at home with him and Steve was going to bring him up to meet me in the doctor's office when he woke up. Steve had to be at work at 12:45 and I was worried that Thomas was not going to wake up in time for Steve to make it to work in time. Everything turned out fine and Steve had plenty of time to get to work.

I still have the classic feet swelling, but since I have had it this long (over 8 wks now), it's really nothing shocking.

Warning:TMI to follow...
I spotted last week, but didn't see any reason to call my OB. (afterall, I'm a L&D nurse..I know what's concerning) When I told her today, she wasn't worried...She is pretty sure I just overdid it.

I was tested for GBS as well today and had my first and last cervical exam of the pregnancy. I quote, "NOTHING is coming out down here"

18 days to for another update next Thursday!

Oh and for anyone who believes the are the predicted high temps for the next 5 days. (can you help me pray for cooler weather?? Thanks!) Friday-95 Saturday-95 Sunday-95 Monday-98 Tuesday-98---and I can't forget the classic line-HOT AND HUMID.

That's all from a very HOT Rebecca.

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