Friday, August 17, 2007

Quick update.....

We are finally HOME! We were discharged from the hospital Monday around noon but when we arrived home, we soon realized that our A/C was completely OUT. The coolest room in the house was Clare's room, but once you put 4 people in there it really isn't that cool anymore. We called our favorite repairman, and once he came out he tried fixing it, but essentially took the wait and see approach. Considering it was 89 in the house and 100 plus outside, we didn't last long. We packed everything up, and headed to Grandma's B house. We ended up spending the night there. I got little sleep since Clare was sleeping in her carseat and I was worried about her all night, plus she decided to go on a one day nursing strike and not wake up to eat. Nothing like adding to the stress! We came home Tuesday morning where it was relatively cool but definitely NOT what it should have been. We stuck it out until 6 AFTER 2 repairmen came and we had to make the decision to purchase a brand new a/c furnace system. Just what we wanted to do! UGH! We went back to Grandma B's that night. We ended up being there all day Wednesday as well, but at least Tuesday night I had a bassinet courtesy of Aunt Lisa and Uncle Tim for Clare to sleep in. She only woke up twice through the night. Heavenly I tell you!

Wednesday we made it home to a nice cool house and it is wonderful! I never thought sleeping in my own bed could be so wonderful. Clare is eating around midnight, waking at 3 or 4 for a feeding and then again around 7. She cluster feeds most of the day eating every 2 hours for 30m or so, but it is wonderful!

We both were at the doctors yesterday. She is still at her discharge weight so I was thrilled by that and she lost her umbilical cord while we were there. Our pediatrician is very happy with her and we go back in a month for her first set of shots. I was at my OB to get my staples out and my incision looks great! I go back next week for an incision check.

I promise to post more pictures soon..once we get them all downloaded and I have a minute.

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Cheryl said...

I can't believe you had to buy a whole new a/c after just having a baby. At least you had a place to go and didn't have to sweat it out. Glad things are returning to normal. :)