Thursday, May 17, 2007

You will be here in less then 100 days!!

Where has all the time gone? It seems like just yesterday mommy showed daddy the positive test and we saw you on ultrasound for the first time. Now you have been movin' and groovin' like crazy and you love to react to ALL the noises your brother makes. Mommy and daddy can't wait to see you. We wonder all the time who and what you are going to look like. Are you going to look like mommy and have dark hair or like your brother and daddy with blonde hair and blue eyes? Are you going to be as big as your brother was or be petite? Are you going to be mommy's girly girl or daddy's little tomboy? How will Thomas react to having you around? Will he be a helpful big brother? So many questions we have...we can't wait to meet you! But please Clare...wait at least 12 weeks...:)

We love you!

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All About Amelia said...

i think she will have dark hair :) Not so much on the petite side - a healthy girl like Rosie was! She did seem small to me however!!