Saturday, May 12, 2007

24 weeks and doing great!!!

Well little Clare we went Thursday and saw Dr. Schnapp. You are doing great! You decided to play peek a boo with the MA though and she had a rough time finding your heartrate. But once she found it you were beating nice and strong in the 150s. Mommy has had no swelling and just some occasional cramping that she thinks is round ligament pain. Mommy told Dr. Schnapp and if continues she will let the office know but right now it is very infrequent.

On Friday night while cousin Kate watched your brother, you, mommy and daddy went to dinner at the Station Grille in Union Station and then to hear Erin Bode perform. You LOVED the last song that Erin sang because you kicked me like crazy the whole time. Even when we got home you were still a movin' and a groovin'. Just like classical is your daddy and brother's thing maybe jazz can be yours and mommy's thing!

We love you!

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