Thursday, March 15, 2007

16 5/7 weeks

We saw Dr. Collins today. We also got to hear you on the doppler. Your heartbeat was nice are strong in the 130s. (So much different then your brother who was always in the 150s) Mommy thinks that she is starting to feel you move a little bit. You don't do it constantly, but every so often mommy thinks she feels a little flutter.

Dr. Collins told mommy that we could schedule our comprehensive U/S in the next couple weeks. Mommy made sure to call and schedule it for 4/4 when Dr. Bartlesmeyer would be there. (He did all of your brother's U/S and did our U/S in January) Mommy also has to go and get more blood drawn for the triple screen test. This is going to test to see if you have Down's syndrome, spina bifida or another neural tube defect. Mommy had it done with your brother and everything was great, so she doesn't expect anything but good news.

We love you!

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